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I've made 10 films in category 'Solo' with a total length of 26 minutes.

Film Image Description Minutes Creation Category Awards Reviews
The Intruder Who is the mysterious intruder??

This film contains a reference to something that anyone under 40 may not understand - I'll be interested to see what people think of it! The ending will make more sense if you google "All because the lady loves Milk Tray".

First experiment with new camera - you can tell I got some of the settings wrong!

2 15 October 2023 Solo
Where's Wally? Made as an exercise in putting a film together from random clips. Clips all from 1 16 March 2021 Solo
Fun with Magnets A film about the wonders of playing with magnets! 7 23 September 2020 Solo
Isolation A short film about Isolation, inspired by the Covid pandemic 2 27 March 2020 Solo 3rd SoCo 'Baby Dolphin' Competition 2021
Three Cheers for Winnie the Pooh! My homage to the poem "Three Cheers for Pooh!" from "The House at Pooh Corner" by A.A.Milne

Starring me - and me :-)

2 13 February 2020 Solo
Cupboard A quick film just toying with an idea… 1 27 February 2019 Solo 3rd, SoCo 'Baby Dolphin' Competition 2019
StageStruck Jackanory Style I created a story board for my film StageStruck, then made a film using the story board! You can see the full film at StageStruck 7 15 December 2018 Solo
Stalker Made as an exercise, we were given 63 clips and had to make a film out of them. This film uses 19 of them. 2 25 November 2018 Solo
…the making of… Fun film to make. I was not keeping proper notice of the takes we took, which meant for one scene the only take we had was not a good one, and had to patch it up. Worked out okay though. 1 18 January 2018 Solo
Hope Written for a 1 minute film competition which had to include a diamond in the story. Filmed by myself on a GoPro, very minimalist. 1 18 January 2018 Solo