Films that have won awards

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I've made 5 films which have 'Awards' with a total length of 33 minutes.

Film Image Description Minutes Creation Category Awards Reviews
Cupboard A quick film just toying with an idea… 1 27 February 2019 Solo 3rd, SoCo 'Baby Dolphin' Competition 2019
Frank Cupid’s Agency This is a SHORT version of the film at under 10 minutes, you can see the LONG version at around 15 minutes at Frank Cupid’s Romance Assistance Agency

Frank Cupid runs a dating advice service, but he didn't expect to be advising two dates at the same time! Short version of this film.

10 17 March 2019 External Actors 2nd RFVM Fiction Competition 2019
GopherChat Doesn't lockdown sometimes feel like Groundhog Day?

A couple get this feeling, day after day after day...

8 17 February 2021 Webcam Joint 1st RFVM 'Best of the Year' 2022, 3rd RFVM 'Comedy Competition' 2022
Isolation A short film about Isolation, inspired by the Covid pandemic 2 27 March 2020 Solo 3rd SoCo 'Baby Dolphin' Competition 2021
The Eagle and The Owl (short edit) Can a con-man avoid getting involved with a gangster?

This is the 12 minute edit, you can see the full 18 minute edit at The Eagle and The Owl

12 19 June 2022 Webcam SoCo best film2023 Pending review